A down day

  Some days the lack of sleep really gets to me. Yesterday was especially challenging. I couldn’t get my brain in working order and felt down and out much of the day. Someone was at my house in the afternoon to help me work on a project and I had to tell her to go home because I couldn’t think straight enough to direct! However, there were still plenty of sweet moments and since there’s not much to update you all on right now, I thought I’d just share the day’s pictures!

Mary had a hard time with one of her naps so I rocked her to sleep. 

Finally asleep!

The beauty of spring is certainly a cheering sight. 

This is what feeding looks like currently. 

Sweet smiles. 

Best part of the day: family walk after dinner on a bike trail not far from our house. 

One thought on “A down day

  1. i hear ya. we’ve had a few hard days here with ethan. i found a lot of hope and encouragement in listening to sovereign grace’s come weary saints album. hugs.


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