ABA and Follow-ups

Thank you to all who have prayed for Mary this week! We’ve managed to fit in her first 3 days of ABA as well as a 36-hr trip to Cincinnati for follow-ups which included 6(!) appointments. Mary’s been a trooper and has proven that she’s ready for new challenges.

We met a new therapist in Cincinnati who was helpful in giving us suggestions regarding Mary’s struggles with sensory processing. And we had the exciting experience of Mary making it through an entire dr’s appointment with no tears. Of course, that was the first one in the line-up and by the last appointment she was so done. Still, it was a major accomplishment for her to let a doctor look in her ears and mouth without crying at all.

As far as ABA, she has done a great job of playing happily and getting to know the therapists. And she’s really been adjusting well.

We continue to be grateful to God for the many provisions He’s made for us along the way even in the logistics of making this week work. But we’re especially grateful for the opportunities He’s provided for us to continue building a great team to support Mary and what a difference it makes in her life! This week we even found out that her 2 main doctors in Cincinnati will be joining us at the CFC conference in Tampa Bay this summer.

And just for fun, here’s my latest video of Mary working in a gait trainer at PT. We still haven’t managed to get her one of her own but it’s in the works!

One thought on “ABA and Follow-ups

  1. Yay for small, and BIG progress!! Thanks for keeping us ‘in the loop’, so we know how to pray for you and sweet Mary. ( those days are not so distant in our past, but we have aged out of a lot of services!)


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