More progress

I’ve gotten some phone calls from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. They are starting to work on scheduling Mary’s team assessment with the aerodigestive clinic. This is big news because it means that Medicaid agreed that this assessment is medically necessary so they will cover it!  We would appreciate prayer that this assessment and the accompanying  procedures would be fruitful in learning how to best help Mary going forward. 


Yesterday was a very special day because I got to meet Mary’s new little friend, Anastasia, who is just over a week old and has already been through 2 surgeries! She’s the daughter of our friends from church and she has trisomy 18. Anastasia may still need a couple more surgeries and her breathing needs to stabilize. Thankfully, their medical team since her birth has been supportive and helpful. This is important as it’s more typical for the medical community to advise against treatments for infants with this chromosomal abnormality. Please keep baby Anastasia, her family, and her doctors and nurses in your prayers! 


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