More Progress 

Thank you for your prayers regarding Miss Mary visiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital! I’ve been in communication with the aerodigestive team referral coordinator for a couple weeks. The first step was getting a referral and getting all of Mary’s medical history, tests, and slides to their department. Once it was all there the coordinator compiled it and gave it to the nurse who works with the team. She reviewed it all, called and asked me a bunch of questions, and wrote a report which the team reviewed today. Thankfully, the team agreeed that Mary is a good candidate for an aerodigestive evaluation. This means we will continue with the scheduling process. 

I’ve found over and over that getting into programs and new clinics always turns into a lot of stages of “hurry up and wait”. You start with phone calls to find out if it’s a good fit, then you need referrals, medical history, and insurance approvals, and finally you hit the nightmare of scheduling: usually a nightmare because once you make it to that point, it’s always disappointing to find out how long it will take them to fit you in. 

As usual, after the flurry of paperwork a couple weeks ago and then waiting for it to be processed, yesterday and today were “hurry up” again with a couple important phone calls. Now we’re reentering waiting land. This next step is waiting on insurance pre-approvals. We’ve done our best to smooth the way for this process and ask for your prayers that this step would not be a hang-up as we can’t schedule anything until they get individual approvals for each test and consultation. Then the schedulers will take over and do some amazing work. I can’t imagine the complications they encounter trying to schedule with all the specialists and procedures involved in this kind of team evaluation. They tell me they’re currently scheduling about 2 months out.

Once it’s all scheduled lord-willing, it will likely be a 4 day process with Mary being in the hospital one night. They’ve told me what will be on the docket and it’s quite a list! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. 

4 thoughts on “More Progress 

  1. I’m thankful that the Lord is the One working this all out in His timing for you. I’ll pray that you can patiently submit to Him and keep serving and hoping for Mary Louise. We pray you will find answers and some good options to help her.


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