Mary is starting occupational therapy at a clinic near us. First Steps, the early intervention program in our state that provides a therapist for in-home visits, didn’t have anyone to offer us. So far, I really like the therapist we’ll be seeing. Also, this morning Mary waved for the first time. Very exciting!


I’ve been working this week on getting referrals and medical records so we can get a second opinion on Mary’s struggles. There have been a number of factors contributing to this decision and we’d appreciate prayers for wisdom. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. 

4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Yes, dear Hannah, do we really WANT more ‘labels’ for our precious daughters, descriptive of their medical conditions?? But each label represents another person/group of people who might give us more answers or clues to dealing with problem situations. Which inevitably means more appointments and traveling, disruptions in our lives………yet maybe hope for our girlies to have more possibilities for healing, normalcy, positive growth……
    So we fill out those papers, make those phone calls, drive to those new offices…..we’ll do whatever it takes for our ‘little loves’. Praying for strength for you and Lucas, and the other kiddos, too. Much love, Linda Hess
    p.s.(We have met/are meeting up with 3 new clinical groups in the past 6 months!)


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