Mary has been working hard at learning to sit. It’s taken months of work but she’s made so much progress! And now she seems ready to graduate. She’s starting to sit without any prop or support. We keep her on a soft surface so that she doesn’t get hurt when she falls since she doesn’t know how to catch herself. She has to work pretty hard at staying upright, but she clearly enjoys the freedom. Currently the main help she needs is 2 weights we attach to her ankles. This basically just helps offset the weight of her head, which is considerably larger proportionately than her body. It’s so fun for her to gain just a little bit of independence.

Her are a few other random tidbits:

1) Above Mary is looking at a board book. It turns out she’s quite a book worm and is as motivated by a book as by loud, flashy toys. I just wish I could find a touch and feel book that was really as interesting as they seem like they should be. But they always seem to disappoint. 

2) I love hearing how many people are praying for Mary from all over the country and even some internationally! It’s such a sweet blessing and we know that the Lord hears your prayers.

3) Mary continues to have gastrointestinal problems that have us stumped and are keeping her up a lot at night. If you’re praying for her, you might pray for wisdom specifically in this area!

4) Sneak peak: The white and purple thing on Mary’s foot in the picture is the first step towards getting her standing. It’s an exciting development. Stay tuned! 

2 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. I just love that you are Mary’s Mom. You are an inspiration to me and such a witness of God’s strength and help in your life as you care for her.


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