Abrielle Cuts In

Well, we’ve mostly been focused on Mary’s health problems for the last year. But Brie decided she’d like to take a dip and see what being under anesthesia is like herself. She’s had food allergies her whole life; but this last year they’ve been getting worse. We had a consultation with an allergist in December and because her response to her allergens is vomiting and a sore throat he wanted to refer us to a gastroenterologist. There’s a fairly new diagnosis in the gi field called eosiniphilic esophagitis. The allergist didn’t mention what he was concerned about to me, but after reading as much about pediatric gi problems as I had last year for Mary, I knew that was his concern. I had suspected Brie might have it myself when researching Mary’s feeding problems. Fast forward to today. Brie had her first endoscopy, not to be her last sadly.  We’ll get the official biopsy results in a week or two but the dr said that from what he saw, he would be very surprised if the results didn’t confirm the diagnosis. If not controlled, eoe can lead to strictures in the esophagus and other complications. So going forward, we’ll likely have to do diet eliminations. While there are drug therapies we will also consider, we’re inclined to go about finding out the root of the problem. Apparently the most frequent culprits are soy, eggs, wheat, and milk. Unfortunately, the only way you can find out if you’ve controlled the allergies is with more endoscopies. This can easily mean 6-8 endoscopies, generally 6-8 weeks apart. With that facing us, it’s comforting that Brie was such a champ today. She had a sweet smile for everyone and when the nurses brought her back from recovery, they were quite smitten. We came home to a happy baby, which makes mama happy too. She doesn’t seem to mind letting her sister have some of the fun!

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