Feeding Therapy

We got the call yesterday that Brie’s biopsy results confirm the eosinophilic esophagitis diagnosis. This means that we will be beginning food eliminations with her. We’ll start simply with eliminating milk to see if it solves the problem. We’d appreciate prayer that it will be that straight-forward as these cases tend to be much more complicated in general.

I’m disappointed to report that as Mary has made progress developmentally in many ways recently, she’s been struggling physically and just today had an allergic reaction to her food from feeding therapy. It was just the way Brie responds to her allergens and while it could have been a fluke, I’m not betting on it. Eosinophilic disorders tend to run in families. Having multiple siblings in a family with it is fairly normal. So I had an eye out for anything suspicious with Mary and allergies. Well her response today was more than a little bit suspicious. All of that (along with some other things) means I’ll be making several more phone calls tomorrow.

We’ll be trying to set up some tests and procedures at Riley first of all. That’s because we’re no longer comfortable waiting for those things to happen in the 3-5 months it’ll take for Mary to be seen in Cincinnati for a
second opinion. We’ll also be trying to find ways of getting into Cinicinnati Children’s Hospital sooner. Would you please join us in praying that God would continue to confirm this path for us by providing openings in the clinics that Mary needs as well as a straight and smooth path with insurance?

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