Prayer Requests

Miss Mary Lou with her cousin, sweet Caroline: )

We have a few specific prayer requests currently:

-Health. Mary is coming down with some bug and we’d appreciate prayer that it will pass quickly as small illnesses can easily throw her into a spiral. 

-Another cancellation. We’d appreciate prayer for a cancellation in the next couple months with the aerodigestive team. Strictly speaking the likelihood is low since, like us, most people have gone to a lot of trouble to get the appointment in the first place. But currently her evaluation is scheduled in the 3 days between 2 major family trips! We won’t even have time to go home. It’s inconvenient but more than that, I’m concerned about Mary’s ability to cope with so much all at once!

-A smooth weekend. Finally, I’m supposed to be away for a night on our church’s women’s retreat this weekend! Please pray for Lucas and the kids to be well and for Mary to be good for her daddy. 

Thank you!

Justus is so sweet with his little sister. Here he is reading to distract her while we were doing some physical therapy. 

3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Hi, Hannah & Lucas,
    Always love seeing these updates and your prayer requests. You are so blessed to have Mary, and I am always humbled and blessed to see how you all care for Mary. We are all blessed with her little life and your sweet example to us. Love you much.


  2. Justus is sweet because he learned it from Mom and Dad and the others. I was in children’s church subbing for Sarah, my daughter this week past and Johnny my son said to me, “I’ve been doing this for 5 years” “…the Week’s children are all my favorites” and Justus is the current one he has. Well done.


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