Well, I can finally report that we’re on the calendar to be seen at Cincinatti Children’s Hospital. Mary will be having an initial consultation with one of the gi doctors from the aerodigestive team in 3 weeks. This appointment is thanks to a cancellation and we’re grateful for it, especially since the aerodigestive evaluation has been bumped back to mid-July due to scheduling difficulties with the main doctor on her case. 

At the beginning of May we’ll go back for a cerebral palsy evaluation. While Mary doesn’t actually have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy yet, I think this appointment will likely be helpful in understanding some of her challenges.

The picture at the top is from our time this week in Evansville for Mary’s feeding therapy. And here she is all ready to come home at the end! 

I got her some fun toys at a kids’ consignment sale (Encores Consignment) at our church last weekend. She’s been enjoying figuring them out.  


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