Progress Report

Happy Easter! We’ve been hard at work! We closed on our new house on March 20th. We’ve painted most of the house, replaced the flooring on the main floor, and are getting ready to put the trim back up. We’ve had lots of help from our church and family and we couldn’t have done it without them! We hope to move in on April 29th. 

Mary has been struggling with me being gone so much but we have also seen some exciting progress in a couple areas. 

Rolling and floor time have consistently been hard to work on with Mary. Her reflux is still a huge limiting factor. And with how challenging growth is for her, we can’t risk making her vomit. Recently I’ve been trying to find low stress ways of having her on the floor more and trying to let her work on these skills on her own because physically maneuvering her always upsets her so much more. Well, last night for the first time she started rolling halfway over in an attempt to get my things as I worked next to her! And just now as I was writing this sitting on the floor next to her, she rolled back to front and then back again!!! This really is monumental for her. It’s only been pretty recently that we’ve seen her even attempting to cross the midline at all or use both hands at once. Rolling over is a wonderful way to practice this skill and an extremely important stimulation of neurological pathways! 

Next week I’ll be attending a day-long workshop to learn about implementing a special kind of therapy with Mary. I’m looking forward to the opportunity!

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