Appointment tomorrow

Our appointment for Mary with the RAS clinic is tomorrow afternoon. We’d appreciate prayer as, in our experience, appointments like this are often long and grueling. Please pray for clarity as we discuss Mary’s struggles and please pray for Mary to be calm as she has a tendency to get very unhappy with doctors which makes discussion with said doctors quite a challenge. 

On a very happy note, Mary has been feeling much better for about a week and a half and in that time has gained back half of the weight she lost during her illness. She’s also been quite happy overall which is so sweet for the whole family. 

We thank God for His care for us and Mary and the overwhelming support from our family and friends. We are entirely dependent on Him and He has given us such blessings through those around us. 

3 thoughts on “Appointment tomorrow

  1. Praying for you this morning, for safe travel, for peace and clarity, for wisdom for her Dr.s and for you and for contentment for Mary. Please keep us posted.

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