Challenging Days

The beginning of this week was very difficult. Mary had come down with a cold which has been causing her to throw up regularly for the last week. These phases of vomiting are always stressful. Then on Monday morning I got at least 4 calls from various nurses, nutritionists, and therapists. While this is not atypical at the beginning of the week, the last call I got sent my day into a tailspin. Mary’s enteral feeding supplier called to inform me that they’d been trying to run her insurance only to find that she was listed as “ineligible”. Mary is on Hoosier Healthwise (our state Medicaid) and as I started making calls, I found that there had been a paperwork glitch and Mary had been booted from the system! God was kind to allow us to find out as soon as we possibly could have and we set to work quickly to reapply for her. The application is currently on its way through the system. Later that afternoon we found out that Mary’s head has been growing pretty fast. After a few more phone calls we were thankfully able to establish that there didn’t appear to be cause for immediate concern but we’ll have to keep an eye on her head growth with the potential of having to redo imaging (she just had an MRI in November) if her rate of growth doesn’t slow back down.  In the meantime, Mary is still our little sweetheart and we’re grateful to be caring for her as well as thankful for the medical team that helps us and the wonderful support from friends and family at home!


4 thoughts on “Challenging Days

  1. Praying for HH to be sorted out quickly and without incident. Also for cold and vomiting to subside quickly. So grateful to be able to keep up with her especially while out of town.


  2. Praying for recovery from cold and vomiting and that HH issues will be resolved w/o further incidents. Grateful finally to get connected and for these updates!


    1. What is it with Medicaid this week?? I went thru the drive-thru at CVS to pick up one of Lexy’s meds, and was told there was a bill of $582. 76, because Medicaid wasn’t going to pay for it now They paid for it LAST time, and for the past several months she’s been on it……the pharm tech told ME to call Medicaid and plead with them……SURE, no one’s there after hours…….I went back to the window and asked if they didn’t have a ‘magic phone number to use’ after hours, and maybe they could try it again, please? A different pharm tech said, ‘let me talk to pharmacist……’Oh yeah, it went thru, no problem! Ha , ha…!! I think it got submitted to the wrong insurance company!” Grrr…….. this is NOT a joking matter!!! PTL, we DID get our medication, and I was able to return home. 🙂 Linda Hess
      I’ll be praying for you and Lucas as you work with Mary this week, and with the other children, too. Love you, Hannah!!


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