Hello, World!

Weeks Family-28Hello, world! My name is Mary. I am one year old. The main goal of this blog is for my mom to update friends and family on how I’m doing. The brief intro to the first year of my life is that I entered the world a few weeks early, came down with rsv less than 2 weeks later, and then spent 3 weeks in the hospital. Doctors expected me to bounce back quickly, but instead I spent months struggling to eat. I was finally given a nasogastric tube when I was four and a half months old and had a g-tube placed a month later so I could be fed more easily without using my mouth. For the next 6 months my parents continued to try to help me with my reflux and worked with doctors to try to understand why I wasn’t progressing the way most babies do. While we haven’t gotten many answers, I’ve started to find my place in our family and am beginning to settle into life a bit. This blog starts not long after my first birthday. Thanks for following along with me!

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